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How to Choose a Couch

 Couch Buying Guide

How many of you have experienced a sense of dissatisfaction after spending time on your couch? Many people feel disappointed from their couch, which they otherwise purchase very soulfully. Couch is the most intriguing piece of furniture that defines your place of living. It defines the character of the space it lies in and often acts as an anchor of room. Buying the perfect couch can be very time consuming and heart felt. It requires lot of investment in terms of money as well. Couches can differ in size, style, design, portability and overall appeal. You need to do lot of research and then reach at a conclusion. Your style statement often reflects in how you keep your home and what all pieces of furniture adorn the floor.

Buying a couch is an emotional experience and you should be satisfied with your favorite couch in the long run. Following factors should be kept in mind to make the couch buying experience rewarding and to take all the pain away that you might feel buying a wrong couch:

The structure of the couch is defined by frame. A sturdy frame guarantees long lasting life contributing to durability. Kiln dried hard wood like oak, teak, maple or ash although costly but provide very strong and durable frame. You can find pinewood at low prices but soon your couch will be making every kind of noise possible and you will literally find your hard earned money going down the drain.

Size is a very important factor while buying a couch. You must measure the area you want to use for housing the couch. A big sized couch can make the space look cramped and on the other hand a smaller one may take away the utility and comfort quotient so choose a couch that is the best fit as per your living area.

The joints should be solidly constructed using double or triple dowels, high-pressure staples, corner blocks, metal screws and brackets. Glues and nails can also be used from fixing joints. But make sure staples and nails should not be the only form of joining to create a frame, as they cannot hold the entire structure together for long and the frame is sure to crumble.

Choose a couch that does not make the space look cluttered and matches exactly your style statement. It should not overwhelm the place and should serve your purpose. Decide on whether it is meant for the whole family or is merely going to be used in the hallway. It can simply sit in the corner as decor or can be used for lounging. Trendy and happening looking couches often lose charm in just few years, so following current fashion trends won't be really advisable. Buy a couch that has a traditional, ethnic or steady feel to it so as to serve you for years.

Fabric brings life to the couch. The color and type of fabric should go well with your family needs. It should also match with the décor of your home. Cotton and linen often come out as winners. If you have children, stain resistant clothes are appropriate. Light colors get soiled easily so they are not suitable for family usage. Leather is also a good choice as it is easy to clean and of course more sustainable. You should purchase fabric from a recognized upholstery house to avoid running into any problems. It also proves helpful if you need continuity in case of any accidents. UV protected fabrics are a new addition to the couch clothing and is a best buy if your furniture is going to be exposed to sunlight a lot.

Style is not enough to help you decide on a couch. You should try sitting or lazing around on your prospective couch to see how comfortable it is. It should not make your sitting awkward or achy. Couch should be broad enough to provide you ease but it should not be too broad to get into your way. Perhaps presence of an ottoman can be helpful as it provides much need support to your feet and adds to the comfort.

Cushions provide support to your back and increase comfort when you sit on your couch. The cushions should remain intact and should not sink or slip when your spine is resting against the back of the couch. The quality of foam used in cushion determines its longevity so do remember to enquire about the quality and thickness of the sheet being used. Since foam is used in large quantity in manufacturing of the couch, the manufacturers often try and cut costs in this raw material so be very careful and investigate thoroughly. Ask for guarantees, if any available for the foam being used in the couch.

Many couches use supportive spiral springs to give the right cushioning effect. But they can also sag if the metal used is not heavy and can also press against the frame. The springs should be firm and should be held close together. There are certain options available in the market with mashes and webbed wirings but they don't work well in long term and mostly turn out to be uncomfortable and flimsy.

Whenever you make a purchase, it is important to note that the size, quality of foam, wood used for frame and fabric determines the price of couch. You can go for low priced options but they may not be suitable for number of years to come. If a tight budget is your constraint then compromise carefully and make your choice very wisely. Choose hard to damage couch especially if you have children running around the house all the time. By keeping all the mentioned factors in mind and following this couch buying guide, you can end up buying a prefect couch for your household that will serve you for as many years you want and you can simply remove the "ouch" factor from your couch.